Ed tervooren

Ed Tervooren (1937) studied schoolmusic at the Amsterdam Conservatory and musicology at the universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam.

He worked at first at secondary schools and from 1968 until his retirement at the conservatory of Enschede, teaching musical history and music theory.


I am greatly obliged to anyone who rendered assistance.

The selection of organs in Germany and the Danube monarchy was made by Jan Boogaarts. With the contributions by Hannie van der Westen, many addresses in The Netherlands could be added. Various data were acquired by means of e-mail with persons, authorities and institutions. A major part of the photos was made by the author, others were supplied by acquaintances and informants or sometimes plucked from the fertile tree of Wikimedia.

At last, the patience of my various travelling companions was sometimes tried too far.

I am grateful to all.

The collected material was made ready for the internet by Bert van der Veen